Santa Barbara Limo Service

You might think that renting a limo for a party is only for the rich and famous, but even in Santa Barbara, you can rent a limo for parties and a whole lot more. Whether you are planning a bachelorette party, a wedding, a trip to the wine country or just want to use a car service for a busy afternoon of shopping, renting a limo or party bus in Santa Barbara is easy.


When you think of planning a party, it might not occur to you to use the services of a party bus or limo, but when you stop and think about it, using a limo service can make your party a whole lot easier. If you are planning a location party, you can arrange for the services of a party bus to pick up your guests and shuttle them to the party location. This can be a wonderful option if you are having a beach party or a party in a remote location in the Santa Ynez Mountains.

It is also a wonderful solution to parking problems. Simply have a party bus that shuttles your guests from a designated parking area, like a large store parking lot, and bring them to your home. When the party is over, your guests can be shuttled back to their cars. Viola! Parking problems solved!

If you are planning a bachelorette party in Santa Barbara, using a limo is a great way to make sure that you do not have to worry about having a designated driver. One popular way of having a bachelorette party is to club hop. With a limo, all of the bachelorettes can jump in the car and you can go from club to club without having to worry about parking, especially in crowded downtown Santa Barbara.

Day Trips

Another wonderful way to use limo services in Santa Barbara is for day trips. With the Santa Ynez Wine Country so close, you might decide that you want to go wine tasting for an afternoon. You can use our limo services to pick up a group of friends and go to several wineries. As you enjoy the fruits of the area, you can pick up bottles and cases of wine you enjoy and have them easily transported with you. When you arrive home, you will have had a relaxing, enjoyable time without ever having to be concerned about dealing with traffic or parking.

You can also use our services for trips to Los Angeles or Palm Springs. These are popular destinations for day or weekend trips from the Santa Barbara area. Within only a few hours drive, it is easy to run down for the day or over a weekend, but driving can be a hassle, especially through Los Angeles traffic. With our limo services, you can sit back and enjoy the company of your travel companions and never have to worry about the snarl on the 405 or 101 freeways.

Other Services

Finally, you can use limo services in Santa Barbara for days when you simply do not want to deal with driving or having a car. If you need to make a quick run to the airport, whether it is the Santa Barbara Airport or Los Angeles, you can use our services to get you there on time and with ease. Our driver will make sure you get to your airline and unload your suitcases for you at the airport entrance.

If you are planning a day of busy shopping in Santa Barbara, you can also use our limo services. Instead of having to deal with parking structures and finding street parking, you can simply have our driver pick you up at your home and drop you off at the stores of your choice. Our driver will be waiting for you to finish shopping, load up your packages and bring you home with no hassle.

Limo and party bus services in Santa Barbara are a great alternative to having to deal with parking and traffic on your own. If you are planning a party, consider renting a Santa Barbara party bus or limo to help with transporting your guests or to make parking easier. Please contact us to get pricing and any other info you may need to decide if a Party Bus rental is the right choice for you!